Last year the online community was gripped by the strange story of undying_truant. This website has been created to tell this story after many of the original threads have been deleted. The mystery began after the reddit user undying_truant posted in r/advice about a strange discovery in their basement. The following text is a copy of their original post, which I had saved prior to the thread's deletion.

"A few months ago I moved into a new house. Cheaper than the average rent in the area, with the catch being that the house was in a very bad way - really messy, filled with belongs of previous tenants, and with a mouse problem. The house had a kind of creepy atmosphere but I put this down to the mess. I recently lost my job (which prompted the move) and so had more time than usual to clean things up so didn’t see this to be a huge drawback.

When I moved in I spent the first few days deep cleaning everything and found some quite unusual things - the skeleton of a dead mouse, notebooks filled with odd and seemingly incoherent ramblings, a box full of shards of broken glass. But I cleaned this all up, called pest control, and the house was on the way up. The next task was the basement - a relatively large space with mountains of clutter and old belongings. It took a whole just to clean out enough rubbish to be able to access the main space.

The things in the basement were largely things you’d expect to find - boxes of Christmas decorations, bags full of old clothes, broken electronics, old mattresses. However something that unsettled me was seeing a boarded up area which seems like it hasn’t been accessed for a really long time. I broke through the cover which opened up into a large crawl space. Shining my torch into the area I couldn’t see anything in there but curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go inside of it.

image1 image2

The atmosphere inside the crawl space was very sinister as I’m sure you can imagine but I couldn’t see much inside. That is, until I found a black plastic bag hidden near the back. There wasn’t space to look inside from within the crawl space but I managed to drag it out and bring it into the main area of the basement. Inside the box was a bunch of old cassette tapes.

The covers looked kind of normal at first but in each the faces of people pictured had been cut out, and each tape was numbered. At this point I started to feel really creeped out. Why were the tapes hidden in such an odd place? Why have the covers been altered in this way? I don’t have a cassette player and been able to listen the recordings, but I am going to order one and will update this thread and let you know what’s on them."



After this original post it was several weeks before undying_truant posted again in the thread. Many assumed that the user would not return, and some speculated that their initial post had been a hoax. Unfortunately, this was not the case. What follows is a copy of undying_truant's second post.

"After acquiring a cassette player it seems like the tapes are blank. I have been a bit busy with house and job applications recently so haven't had the time to listen through everything. I will update if I find anything."

After this message the interest in the thread subsided. However around a week later undying_truant followed up with another post.

"I listened back through some of the tapes and, although they seem to be largely blank, there are moments where some incredibly strange noises are played. Not musical at all, just disturbing noise and electronic sounds. I think I must have had an issue with the tape player before as I have heard sounds on cassette's which were initially blank.

A friend has been able to digitise some of the sound for me and I've linked two clips of audio here [ed. linked below]. For each these seemed to be the only audio on that tape. If anyone has any information about them, or recognises the sounds in some way then please reply or write to me.

I've also taken some more photos of the covers. Please let me know if you recognise any of these or have any information at all, i'm starting to feel really creeped out."